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Slims Switzerland


How long will it take before I lose weight?

Weight loss depends on many factors. If you take the Slims regularly with water, you should see a positive effect after 2-3 weeks.

Can I take something other than water with it?

Basically yes, but almost all other drinks have unnecessary calories and often contain sugar, which can prevent weight loss

What happens if I take the Slims irregularly?

Our recommendation for consumption is not a must. Every body is(s)t different. However, according to studies, the best results are achieved by taking 3 Slims daily before meals or as a snack alone.

Can I stop taking the Slims once I've lost weight?

You can stop at any time. Due to the health-promoting effect of the ingredient glucomannan from the konjac plant, however, Slims are recommended as a permanent dietary supplement

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